Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Doggie

We had so much fun with Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin on Saturday. Every time we hang out with them I bring my camera and say that I want some cute pics of them with the kids, but somehow I just never get around to it. Maybe it's because I know how much my brother despises pictures and I just don't want to recreate any Olan Mills experiences for him.

Anyway- this time I had to do it just so I could tell this adorable story! For the past couple of years, Hazel has been told that this precious little doggie is her cousin (and he IS). Herbie is part of our family, and so far he has been the only cousin to come from Chris and Erin.

Yes- it's not his finest moment, but we love him all the same. :) So I have been explaining to Owen and Hazel that Aunt Erin has a baby in her tummy, and Hazel was so excited to see Aunt Erin and learn more about this mystery. She ran up and gave Erin a hug and basically didn't leave her side for the rest of the day. She was sitting in Erin's lap and touching her stomach and this is the conversation that ensued:
Hazel: Is there a baby in there?
Erin: There is! It's your new cousin.
Chris: What do you think it is? A baby girl cousin or a baby boy cousin?
Hazel: A baby doggie. (They weren't fooling her for a second- she knows what kind of cousins they produce!)
She did say that it would be a girl doggie, though. So there is Hazel's prediction. I hope she won't be too disappointed.

To top off the excitement of seeing Chris and Erin, they decided to give Hazel her birthday presents a little early. She was thrilled (to say the least). I think if you click on the picture you can see her face expression close up. It was priceless.

She was so thrilled with her new Sleeping Beauty dress up gown and flashing ring. You should have heard her gasp of excitement!

She also got a little battery operated pig (that she immediately named Chloe) that has a little bottle. It's her new baby. She hasn't played with any of her dolls since she got Chloe. She just carries her around and coos "My baby" at her all day long. Since Erin gives birth to doggies, Hazel probably thinks she can give birth to a pig. This is going to make the "birds and the bees" talk a little more complicated.