Friday, August 7, 2009

I love to see the temple...

I had a few errands to run in Mesa today, so I decided to take the kids to the temple. I can't believe we have been here three years and I have never taken them! I'm not really sure what they thought of it, but they fought me when it was time to leave, so I'm guessing that's a pretty good sign that they enjoyed themselves. Owen asked a lot of questions and especially liked seeing the Book of Mormon in so many different languages.

Hazel saw this statue of Jesus and stopped dead in her tracks to stare at it. She was probably thinking..."Whoa! I had no idea Jesus was the same height as me!"
Then she turned to me and said "Can I hold his hand?"

When we rounded the corner and saw THIS statue...

I think she probably thought "That's more like it." She turned to me and said "Mommy....why does he have holes in his hands and feet?" I told her that was where the nails were when he was hung on the cross. She asked "Why did the people hate him and put him on the cross?" and I explained that they didn't like what he was teaching. She said "But that's mean" in an appalled voice. She is so precious. I'm glad to know she is listening in church.
Owen spent his time watching every single LDS commercial ever made (man! those things ALWAYS make me cry), and looking at the diorama of Jerusalem. It had buttons you could push to locate certain places on the diorama and hear about them. He was captivated.

And here are some pics I forced them to take in an alley behind the music store. ha.

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