Monday, September 8, 2008


Our 7th move in less than 8 years of marriage. Doesn't that sound like a dream!?!? :) But I must say that being in an apartment for 2 years makes you really appreciate the small things.

1. I have an undermount sink with a spray nozzle. I use that removable spray nozzle probably 10 times a day and want to giggle with excitement every time. Sad, huh?

2. I have a back yard with a fence where my kids (and apparently everyone else's) can play without me having to watch their every move.

3. This is Owen's new best friend, Zach. He lives across the street, goes to Owen's school and is the same age. Perfect?!?! By the way- don't be fooled by the patch of green on the ground. Those are rough, prickly weeds that I mow down and pretend that they are grass. The kids LOVE the jungle feel (complete with swarms of mosquitoes) of the back yard, and they own this side of the shed and keep all their outdoor toys in it.

4. I have a kitchen big enough to fit a table in (not to mention a whole dining room that just has boxes stacked in it right now).

5. I have a living room and a family room. This means I actually got to take all my Craig's list purchases out of my friend Bekah's house! FYI- I plan to paint and hang pictures and make it actually feel like a home instead of an institution...then maybe I will put some more pics up.

6. My kids have their own rooms. I can't even begin to list all the benefits of that situation.

7. I have a carport to park my car in so that it isn't 115 degrees in the car when I get in.

8. I live RIGHT down the street from Owen's school...can you say bus route (aka lazy stay-at-home mom)?

It's a quirky little house and there are MANY things I would change if I were buying it, but we feel like it is stupendous compared to what we have been dealing with. We have so much room to spread out and when we don't have to listen to anyone else's lives going on above or beside us. If that's not heaven, I don't know what is.