Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just a few pics from Ghee's visit (that's Nathan's mom). We took her to the Grand Canyon and through Sedona to see the red rocks. It was a beautiful weekend, and the kids did surprisingly well on the drive. I'm sure they were trying to impress Ghee. ha.

PS- I have several new posts....don't stop here! Keep going! lol. Yes-I know it's sad that I am begging you to read my blog, but I have no shame. :)

Mortified Mommy Moment #78

I had to take Hazel out of church to go to the bathroom. When we came back in, she said (in a very loud and exasperated voice), "Why is that lady STILL talking?!"

Lots of Laughs...

I have plenty of them. Can't help it with these two characters that I live with. Tonight Owen ran in my room with a deck of cards and said "MOM! Look at all these dollars! I have a million dollars!" So I asked the inevitable question, "What are you going to buy?" and he gave the only reasonable answer...

"I'm going to buy a driving license and my own jeep......and a dinosaur as a pet."

Of course.

Hazel woke up from her nap crying because her nose was stuffy. This is something that she CAN NOT handle (she doesn't know how to blow her nose yet). I was getting a little impatient with her theatrics and said "Hazel- you need to just learn how to blow your nose!" and in a hurt, tearful voice she said "I caaaannn't. I don't have any blowers!"