Monday, August 24, 2009

Hooray for Hazel

Today was Hazel's first day of Preschool. She thought she wanted to be a big girl and go to school...until I actually enrolled her. Then she had second (and third and fourth) thoughts. I guess even though she yells at me all day, she actually enjoys being around me and didn't want to suffer through the seperation. :)
She cried all morning (for a little over an hour) as we got ready for school and kept saying "I'm not going to school!" For the first 30 minutes, I was gentle and encouraging and sympathetic. Then I just got fed up. I wanted to scream "SUCK IT UP!" I knew she was going to love it, and I hate that she has to throw such a huge fit before even trying something. Sigh.

Anyway- she was precious when I dropped her off. She held my hand sooo tight and kept wanting to whisper things in my ear as we got acquainted with the classroom and the teachers. Things like "Tell her (ask her) when we are going to play with the blocks" or "Tell her when we are going to cut with scissors."

When I left, she burst into tears, but I quickly kissed all over her face, gave her a couple of big squeezes and cheerfully said bye. She cried "WAIT! One more kiss and hug!" I complied and she took her teacher's hand and entered the classroom. Once I got all my errands done for the day (it's amazing how fast it goes without kids!), it took all my self-control to not drive back up there and pick her up early...or at least just sneak a peek into her classroom.
I wish I had been as smart as my friend Nicole and captured the look on her face when I picked her up. She has never been so excited to see me! They were sitting in a circle singing songs and she yelled out "MOMMY!!!" but didn't move from her spot until her teacher told her she could. She was just so precious. Her teacher even wrote me a note giving me a play by play of how Hazel did on her first day. I think it's in the car and I'm too lazy to go get it, but she said that Hazel was a fantastic, precious little girl and got really involved in all their activites and made friends easily. She also told me that Hazel ate all her lunch and took a good nap. I wish I could have watched every moment!
Here she is looking at all the other kids on the playground...not quite ready to join in.
Her cubby. Even when she is feeling a little apprehensive, she doesn't hesitate to smile for the camera.

She looks way too big.

Tonight during Family Home Evening, we all told what our favorite part of our day was, and Hazel said "My favorite part was school." Awesome! Cause you're going back in two days. :)